Outhouse. The Space

Providing a safe space for LGBT people to self-organise groups and activities is at the core of Outhouse’s function.  Our building at 105 Capel Street has three dedicated spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes – from holding meetings to hosting functions to staging performance. The Red Room and the Library, both on the first floor, have been operational for some years, we opened our mutli-functional theatre and venue space in the basement of the building, with its own street entrance and wheelchair access is more recent.

As Outhouse is a company limited by guarantee and a not-for-profit concern, every penny that comes in through rent or fundraising, goes back into the building or its services – none of it goes into the pockets of its Board of Directors. We focus on providing safe space within the community and we want to improve what we have and what we do. That is why it is important that LGBT groups, our friends and allies support us by renting space at Outhouse and putting out the word about the facilities we offer here.

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Opening Hours - The space is available from 10am to 10pm Monday to Friday (Saturday evenings are available upon request.  Belong To currently occupy the entire building on Sunday’s).  Groups wishing to book outside of these hours will be required to cover additional costs such as security, etc. at €15 per hour.

Insurance – Groups are expected to have their own Public Liability Insurance cover however some groups may be covered under the Centre’s Public Liability Insurance.  Please check with the Venue Development Officer at the time of booking.

Catering - Our Café on our ground floor serves sandwiches, tea / coffee.  Catering is also available for meetings, events etc.  Wine is available upon request for some functions.  We do have an Alcohol Policy which covers terms of use.  If you require catering or alcohol at your meeting / event please indicate so on your Venue booking form.

All policies and procedures related to venue rentals are subject to change without notice. (Last reviewed Jan 2013).

To book our space or if you require further information please contact Áine on (01) 873 4999 Email venue@outhouse.ie Red Room Page Library Page Cafe Page Theatre : Click For More Red Room : Click For More Library : Click For More Café : Click For More If you need a space to meet, organise, celebrate or perform something, think of taking a look at the spaces that are available in Outhouse.
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