Outhouse Café

The Space


The Café at Outhouse is a welcoming space for users of the centre. People will often gather to meet before or after the groups they are involved in are meeting. Many individuals often just drop in for a coffee, a snack or sandwich to be in an easy-going, friendly and not overly-commercial atmosphere.

We are also aware that individuals may drop in who are not familiar or comfortable with gay ‘culture’ and are ‘feeling’ their way into being in LGBT spaces. There are various leaflets and publications, second hand books and other material to read that anyone can just pick up and spend an hour or two getting comfortable.

There is quite a range of staff in the Café as many of our volunteers do various hours there, keeping the Café open from 1pm until 9.30pm weekday evenings.

Coffee & Teas

Soft Drinks

Prepared Sandwiches

Sweets & Confectionary

Free Wi-Fi

Gay Times



Birthday Cards



Monday - Friday : 1:00pm - 9:30pm

Saturday : 1:00pm - 5:30pm



LGBT artists often exhibit their work on the walls of the Café, and that is often for sale.  If you would like to exhibit your work in the Cafe Enquiries to:

Áine (01) 873 4999

Email venue@outhouse.ie

Rental Space