The Library :

The Library has been newly relaunched and now has a new catalogue, DVD library, organised sections and official membership. Members can now borrow from thousands of titles and DVDs, or simply sit-down and relax in the comfortable reading room.

This is a genuinely intimate space for up to 20 people (sitting), 30 standing, to meet. It is a favourite room of many groups that meet in Outhouse.

Books can be borrowed for up to 3 weeks and can be renewed, by dropping into the library or reception, for an additional 3 weeks. DVDs can be borrowed for up to 1 week and can be renewed, by dropping into the library, the reception or by email, for an additional week.

When borrowing items please ask the library assistant in the library, or at reception, if the assistant is not available. You will need to fill out a membership form to join the library and borrow items. (All personal information is kept in strict confidence in accordance with Outhouse policies).

To view upcoming events such as author readings and book-club meetings, or to see what new releases are in, follow Outhouse on facebook at

Online catalogue (coming soon)

Free broadband wireless internet

Community Information

Author readings

DVD lending

Book lending

Free membership

Book Club - new members welcome, email library for details

Bookings - space available for groups, meetings & interviews

Opening Hours.

Monday - Friday: 13.00 - 21.00pm, Saturday: 13.00 - 17.30pm

Sunday: Closed

Library Services


The room is available for bookings, and many groups already use the space for their events. To book the room for a meeting or an evening



Áine on (01) 873 4999



The Library is on the first floor of the Outhouse building. It is a comfortable and informal space, which houses an LGBT collection of almost 4000 titles and a DVD collection.

Outhouse Library

The Space


Please do not remove items from the library without permission, or if you are borrowing, please sign out items with the library assistant or receptionist.

All items at Outhouse have, kindly, been donated by the community, please be kind and return your items, so that others can enjoy them too.