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The core service that Outhouse operates is providing a safe space for people to come together and self-organise. There is a wide range of individuals and groups that meet here – from  Acting Out (resident drama club) to LGBT Lawyers to GOLD (peer support group for the over 55’s). Some organisations are based here full-time, and others on a part time or seasonal basis. Besides hosting groups and organisations we also organise and run some educational and development work ourselves. The fun, the political, the arts, the mental and physical health aspects of daily life happen here amongst the groups and individuals who self-organise.

For whoever is operating in here or out of here, it is of the utmost importance that every person who enters Outhouse feels respected and safe here, no matter who they are and no matter what their situation is. As many LGBT people have experienced, there are times in life when our level of need is heightened. Outhouse strives to be a place that can house the diversity of Dublin LGBT people, their families and their friends.

When you walk into Outhouse you immediately encounter the reception area. Staff at reception will provide you with any information you may need for navigating what goes on in Outhouse and they will refer you to appropriate staff or service as required. You will be asked to sign in as we need to know who is in the building at any given time (but we understand that some people are not comfortable using their own name). No-one will intrude in your business if you are visiting for the first time, or if you are a regular visitor.

Services at Outhouse

IRS / Support & Services Directory

Information, Referral & Support continued.
Directory of external Services and Supports.

Peer Support Groups / PDC

Listings for Peer Support Groups meeting at Outhouse. Personal Development Courses (PDC) at Outhouse.

Information, Referal & Support (I.R.S)

Physical / Emotional Sexual Health | Mental Health & Wellbeing | Counselling | Referral to our local Citizens Information service regarding Social Welfare and other entitlements| Legal | Housing | Garda Liaison Officers

If you want information on any aspect of the work done in Outhouse, the meetings and groups that occupy the space, referral or nearly any other information, ask the staff at the Reception desk as they will know where to point you. If your query is of an intimate or detailed nature, the full time office staff should be asked for.  This service is also provided via telephone or email.

Outhouse has wifi internet connection and is aware that many people can have difficulty accessing gay and lesbian information from their own homes for various reasons. Our Café is a safe space for people to access information on LGBT issues, sensitive as well as general (note, access to explicit sex-sites is closed).

Also in the Café space there is a noticeboard which is kept up to date with social, commercial, political, artistic, health, and various other kinds of community notices to be viewed. A variety of leaflets and print matter for LGBT and mainstream organisations, state services, GCN (monthly newspaper for the LGBT community) and other information can be picked up without the need to ask.

Outhouse is often the first point of contact for people into the LGBT world & also the place in which lots of groups & organisations have started.


Since Outhouse opened its doors in 1997, there have been many groups and organisations that have emerged.  New groups form quite frequently as people get inspired and motivated to make something come into fruition.  Some have faded away, some have grown in ability, capacity and scope, and others continue to function as they have found the level they are happy operating at.  Outhouse is proud that it contributed to the formation and strengthening of various great organisations like BelongTo, TENI and Dublin Pride in their early days.

Outhouse provides office space to accommodate staff and volunteers of start-up voluntary and community groups.  Office space is available on a shared desk basis for very small groups in addition to the availability of larger offices for groups with a number of staff and/or volunteers.  We have special rates available for start-up support / self-help groups. Availability of these rates is subject to approval by Outhouse management.  

Activities & Events

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Outreach & Training

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Tenants & Facilities

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