Life Skills Programme with Aware - Free 6 weeks course

Learn practical tips to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Dates: Starts 11th September 
Time: 7:30PM
Runs every Wednesday for 6 weeks here in Outhouse

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Based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the Life Skills programmes are designed to help people learn more about how we think and how this can influence our actions in helpful or unhelpful ways. The Life Skills Group Programme is delivered over the course of six weeks in 90 minute evening sessions.

With the help of a series of easy-to-follow booklets and expert guidance from a trained facilitator at each session, participants can learn how to better manage the stress of everyday life, recognise and manage unhelpful thoughts, learn new ways of thinking and ultimately begin the journey to a healthier and more confident life. Each group consists of approximately 25 people.

Proven Results:

The Life Skills programme has been independently evaluated by Aware. The evaluation showed a statistically significant improvement in participants’ self-reported levels of anxiety and depression after completing the programme. This means that participants of the Life Skills programme reported less levels of anxiety and depression after completing the programme. Life Skills is also consistent with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for the treatment of depression and anxiety. NICE is an organisation which provides independent, authoritative and evidence-based guidance on the most effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat ill-health. Visit

Frequently asked questions

Who is the programme aimed at?
The programme is aimed at individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, stress and/or anxiety and would like to learn new ways to deal with life’s challenges.

How many sessions are there, how long do they last?
Life Skills Group Programme – one 90 minute session per week for six consecutive weeks. Life Skills Online Programme – eight modules completed in your own time, typically over eight consecutive weeks.

Will I have to discuss personal issues and problems?
Nobody will be obliged to share personal information or experiences.

Is this programme only for individuals of 18 years and over?
Yes, only individuals of 18 and over may take part in Aware’s Life Skills programme

The Life Skills Group Programme has been developed by Dr. Chris Williams, a Professor of Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the University of Glasgow and recognised expert in the area of CBT. The Life Skills Online Programme is delivered in conjunction with SilverCloud Health. The programme was developed by Trinity College Dublin and SIlverCloud Health.


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