UPDATE: Outhouse centre now closed until May 5th

The Outhouse Community & Resource centre and building will now be closed until May 5th due to the COVID19 outbreak. 

We have decided this measure in response to the recent restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus and to ensure the health and safety of our staff and community. 

Outhouse staff are still here for you. 

Signposting and Information phone service will still be available, but in a limited capacity.
The Outhouse phone line 01 873 4999 will be open from Monday-Friday at 12pm to 3pm each day. 

All Outhouse emails will continue to be answered as normal each day. Please email info@outhouse.ie if you have any questions.

Everybody working in Outhouse is still accessing and answering emails.
For general queries, email info@outhouse.ie
For venue and booking queries, email venue@outhouse.ie 
For community engagement related queries, email community@outhouse.ie
For marketing queries, email marketing@outhouse.ie
For more contact details, please go to https://www.outhouse.ie/LGBT-community-resource-centre <

All events in Outhouse have been cancelled until April 19th at the earliest. In most cases, we will endeavour to reschedule to a later date and will continue to take further bookings. If you have any queries about events or bookings, please email venue@outhouse.ie.

We will update you on any changes on the Outhouse website http://www.outhouse.ie   and our Twitter  and Facebook social media profiles. 

A list of other helplines and services that may be help you during this time is listed here.

Everybody at Outhouse wants to get back to normal activities as soon possible and bring everybody back together so we can connect with one another again soon. To get to this stage, we hope you are continuing to play your part, follow HSE guidelines on social distancing,  stay at home, self isolation (if you have symptoms), and following recommende hygiene guidelines. Read HSE Guidelines here

We also know that the COVID outbreak can be a very worrying time for you, and the HSE has also given you some ideas on how to mind your mental health during this time. Among some of their recommendations, they suggest you:

  • Stay informed but set limits for news and social media
  • Keep up your healthy routines
  • Stay connected to others
  • Talking to children and young people
  • Try to anticipate distress and support each other
  • Don’t make assumptions

All of us here at Outhouse continue to wish everyone in our community solace, safety and as much peace of mind as possible through this time.


Contact details for Outhouse
Tel: 01 873 4999
Email: info@outhouse.ie


The Outhouse building is closed until further notice due to coronavirus restrictions.


You can still phone us for Signposting & Information at 01 873 4999 from 12pm to 3pm, Monday to Friday.
All staff are still working and all emails will be answered. For general queries, please email info@outhouse.ie.

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