Outhouse - The Year in Numbers

Outhouse highlight how they are a safe space for the LGBT community and the work they continue to do to bring the community together

Visitors to the centre:
- 53,000+ each year
- 4,400+ each month
- 1,000+ each week

Groups & Meetings:
- 980 Meetings & events
- 13 Peer Support Groups
- 12 Personal Development courses
- 103 groups using Outhouse building

Signposting & Information:
- Over 1,000 calls & requests every year relating to sexual health, mental health, legal issues, counselling & more.
Call 01 873 4999 or email info@outhouse 

- LGBT+ collection of almost 4,000 titles, both international and Irish books

Sexual Health:
- 60 clinics every year
- 32,000 condoms & lube distributed

- 15,000 cups of coffee & tea drank in our welcoming café last year.


The Outhouse building is closed until further notice due to coronavirus restrictions.


You can still phone us for Signposting & Information at 01 873 4999 from 12pm to 3pm, Monday to Friday.
All staff are still working and all emails will be answered. For general queries, please email info@outhouse.ie.

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