Chrysalis by Eva O'Donovan - Extended until 24th November

This Culture Night, Outhouse welcomed Eva O’Donovan’s Chrysalis collection, presenting powerful portraits featuring members of the  Transfeminine and broader TENI community.

Outhouse was delighted to have Eva O’Donovan's Chrysalis collection hanging in the centre just in time for Culture Night 2021. In an attempt to redress the lack of visibility of those identifying as Transfeminine in the visual arts and portraiture in particular, the artist collaborated with Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) to find subjects for the Chrysalis series. Since Chrysalis opened in City Hall in 2019, it has also previously travelled to CHQ Trans-fusion festival,  Royal College of Surgeons,The Courthouse Oughterard, and The Presentation Arts Centre in Enniscorthy.

For this collection of portraits, Eva continued her distinctive oil on vintage fabric style, this time working with live models.The artist and sitters aimed to promote Positive Visibility and the rights of trans people (and their families) by presenting a collection of powerful portraits featuring members of the Transfeminine and broader TENI community. She remained focused on the essence of femininity but for this collection celebrates and explores a broader conception of the term.

O’Donovan worked closely with the participants featured in the paintings and their input was key to the success of the project. Working from styled photographs and fabrics, they made key choices during the process and had final approval on the resulting canvasses. Much time was spent developing relationships before any work commenced.

‘This project has taken almost a year to put together and it has been a year of great growth and fun’ O’Donovan said. The transgender community (through TENI) is a broad church and a highly inclusive one, catholic in the truest sense; representing trans men, trans women, cross dressers, people who identify as non-binary, gender queer or anywhere within the trans community spectrum.

O’Donovan originally took photographs of the subjects while sitting in Outhouse and she worked closely with the participants featured in the  paintings with their input being key to the success of the project. O’Donovan feels it very fitting that the collection is now hanging on the walls of Outhouse as this is where she first met all the subjects and where they felt safe. The Chrysalis collection looks absolutely amazing on the walls of the Red Room in Outhouse and in the café as you enter the building.

The Chrysalis collection will remain in Outhouse until 17th October.

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