LBTQ+ Women's Personal Development Course (Ages 24+)

LBTQ+ Women's Personal Development Course is a FREE six-week course that takes place in person in Outhouse, 105 Capel Street

Limited places are available.

Course Dates

  • Starting Tues 14 November 2023 (Fully Booked for now)

    New dates will be announced soon

Each course will run for six weeks on the same evening each week, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Course Outline

Through self-reflection, personal development is looking inward and focusing on ways to embrace your true self and create an authentic and fuller life firmly centred around your needs and aspirations. 

The 6-week personal development course will provide a safe and supporting space for you to connect, explore, and affirm your true identity and your needs. The course has been designed to increase your self-awareness, your self-esteem, your self-love, and your interpersonal skills with the view for you to make meaning amidst challenges, return to wholeness, and reclaim the life that has always been meant for you. The following themes are explored during the course:

  • Self-awareness - Thinking ABOUT Yourself
  • Health and Wellness - Taking CARE of Yourself
  • Assertiveness - Thinking FOR Yourself
  • Mind and Body Connection
  • Sexuality, Gender, and Relationship Diversity
  • Sex, Connection, and Relationship
  • Belonging - Being part of a Community

Course Facilitators

Our two amazing course facilitators are Dil Wickremasinghe and Anne Marie Toole from Insight Matters, our next-door neighbours. Insight Matters is a counselling, psychotherapy and wellness centre that has inclusion at its heart.

dilDil Wickremasinghe (she/ they)

Dil is an IACP pre-accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor. Dil works with individuals online and face to face, nationally and internationally and has a special interest in intersectionality, gender and sexual diversities and trauma-informed practice. She works with those identifying as LGBTQI+, and those in same-sex and non-traditional relationships. Dil is currently attending specialist training in Gender Sex Relationship Diversity and Queer Affirming Sexology and Psychosexual Psychotherapy. She works with adults and practices per the guidelines and Code of Ethics of the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).

annemarieAnne Marie Toole (she/ her)

Anne Marie is an IACP accredited Psychotherapist and Counsellor. She initially trained in Psychology and Addiction in 2006 and completed a four-year degree in counselling and psychotherapy. In December 2023, Anne Marie will complete her qualification in clinical supervision. Anne Marie works with individuals, couples and families and has a special interest in gender and sexual diversities. She works with those identifying as LGBTQI+, and those in same-sex and non-traditional relationships. She has specialised training in the areas of Trauma Informed Practice, Attachment and Psychosexual therapy.

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