Free Online Yoga Class for Pride Month with Kieran McBride

Our wellness events at Outhouse have been a great success and what better to start our Pride Month events than having a free yoga class with Outhouse friend Kieran McBride. We are thrilled that Kieran is providing this free class to the Outhouse community and friends.

Date: Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

Time: 7:30PM - 8:30PM

Register: Email and you will be sent a confirmation email with details. A zoom link will be sent on the day to access the class. 

The yoga class is for all levels. Beginners are welcome

Kieran McBride completed his yoga teacher training with Sivananda in Uttarkashi, India and complemented this with further training in restorative yoga at the Yoga Room, Dublin. He is also a fitness instructor and holistic massage therapist and has practiced different forms of meditation for over twenty years. The primary aim of his yoga practice and teaching is to create conditions for both the mind and the body to consciously relax. It is in this space where peace and tranquility reside. Kieran is also a visual artist and theatre practitioner.

About the Yoga class

This is a gentle yoga class that is suitable for all ages and most levels of physical ability.

During the class we will practice grounding ourselves, do some gentle stretches, consciously tune into our breath, and by doing so, calm our bodies and minds. Hopefully there will also be some laughs along the way. The style is non-athletic, slow moving and meditative and is meant to be easy, enjoyable and inclusive to everyone including total beginners to yoga.

All classes will end with a deeply relaxing body scan. A body scan involves bringing attention to different parts of the body as they are called out and brings your level of relaxation to a deeper level.


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